Drawings from the lockdown

Attention artists, illustrators and cartoonists in Africa! After the incredible response to Notes from the lockdown, we decided to ask around one more time, this time for comics, drawings, illustrations or any other graphic material you might have been working on during or after the lockdowns. Doodling and drawing are excellent ways to pass time... Continue Reading →

Download “Notes from the Lockdown”

Here is an e-version of Notes from the Lockdown a collection of text written about and/or during the lockdown in countries like South Sudan, Ethiopia-Oromia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. Please share it with your friends. Notes from the LockdownDownload

Notes from the lockdown

Writers in Africa, sikiliza tafadhali. Boredom is the mother of invention. I hear from people that they suffer from writer's block at the moment, as people are stuck at home or upcountry, as the Kenyans say, so I thought I would ask around if people have anything they'd written in quarantine that I could publish... Continue Reading →

ASL mentioned in The Sunday Guardian (Nigeria)

Nigerian author, scholar and critic Kole Omotoso mentions Nicklas Hållén's presentation on Okadabooks and waithood at Elizade University in his column in this week's Sunday Guardian. You can find the column here. Omotoso is one of Nigeria's literary giants and his novel The Edifice (1971) was published in the formative African Writers Series.

Poems by Ikenna Okeh

Ikenna Okeh has kindly given us permission to publish the following, previously unpublished poems. The Plain Across The Sea Across some treacherous sea lay a stretch of fertile plain To the distant sights it lay alluring and plain It beckoned the adventurous soul to come But too many knew what of such adventures had become;... Continue Reading →


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