Drawings from the lockdown

Attention artists, illustrators and cartoonists in Africa! After the incredible response to Notes from the lockdown, we decided to ask around one more time, this time for comics, drawings, illustrations or any other graphic material you might have been working on during or after the lockdowns. Doodling and drawing are excellent ways to pass time during quarantine. And as the comic book artist Kriota Willberg recently wrote on her blog, “practically any comics that you make these days could qualify as graphic medicine.” Nowadays, it’s not just the coronavirus that takes up our attention, but also the global uprising against police violence and racial injustice after the murder of George Floyd.

Whatever you’ve been working on, we’re interested in publishing volume #2 of Notes from the lockdown, a webzine of Pan-African comics and illustrations from the lockdown. Just like volume #1, all contributors will keep the rights to their art, and you will be free to republish or do anything you like with your material. We can’t offer any compensation other than the zine itself, and we won’t make any money from it. But we can offer our own humble attempts to promote and distribute your work where we can.

Please feel free to send any work you would like to contribute to notesfromthelockdown@mail.com or to me via facebook messenger. We’ll consider all contributions, even previously published work as long as you retain the copyright. Comics can be as short as one panel or page and up to full stories of ~10 pages, and illustrations may be big or small.

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