Notes from the lockdown

Writers in Africa, sikiliza tafadhali. Boredom is the mother of invention. I hear from people that they suffer from writer’s block at the moment, as people are stuck at home or upcountry, as the Kenyans say, so I thought I would ask around if people have anything they’d written in quarantine that I could publish on this blog: Facebook updates about writers’ current situation, poetry, scribbled down thoughts, flash/micro fiction pieces, whatever they’d have lying around.

Now however, the project has become a little more ambitious. Now I am thinking: a kind of Pan-African collection of texts from the lockdown that I will collect in a PDF-zine with illustrations that will be circulated for free to anyone who needs something to keep their mind occupied during these strange times. Anyone who is a contributor will of course be free to do whatever they like with the PDF and circulate it in any way they wish (including selling it if they so please). The budget for this project is zero money, so I can’t offer any compensation apart from the PDF itself. I might publish it on and similar platforms but it will be free to download. So if you or someone you know have something to contribute, please send it to or to me via facebook messenger.

It doesn’t matter if it has already been published as long as you have retained the copyright, but texts have to be no longer than 1000 words (though exceptions can be made). I will not reject anything as long as it is not detrimental to public health or otherwise dangerous (fake news about the pandemic and the virus will obviously not be published).

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